Tutorials and guides, ported at last.

It only took four years!

By: Erin

Posted: June 11th, 2024

Whenever I make a change to this website, plenty more are sure to follow. I guess all I need is a push, even if that push is from myself. I hope you’ve already read my latest Blather Blog entry about my adventures in iPod hacking, but it’s hardly the last thing I’ve added to the website lately!

I finally got off my rear end and ported over the two tutorials on setting up EMN that I’ve written throughout the years! You, too, can Make Your Own Damn Channel! Just about everything needed to create your own EMN setup is there, with the only additional thing I need to add is a link to the extension I used for EMN Vibes to make the video play at 1.5x speed. I have it, I just haven’t uploaded it to my server yet. Maybe by the time you read this I’ll have changed that! Maybe! Or maybe not! I’ll say something when I do.

There’s very little foundational work left for this site after this. It’s amazing – I’ve both done everything I set out to do and allowed myself to go on a journey I never would have expected to go on. There’s a major comedy article I’m working on, and I do want to perform archival work on the websites I’m able to and completely back them up, and I’m planning on going through and figuring out the gaps in the EMN Programming Guide that need filling, but generally speaking all the big things are done. I wonder what’s to come? More writing, I suppose. More archives of old art and silly stories. More musings from Mandy and myself. More, more, more.

Well, that’s all I have for now. See you later, and thanks for stopping by!