Life & Self: An Introduction

Hello! As you’re probably already aware since as far as I know the only people who visit this site are people who already know me, I go by Erin. My partner is Mandy! I’ve lived around the world and I’ve done a lot of things and I hope to do plenty more. This section of the website is really an anything-goes place for pieces I want to write longer articles about things that aren’t related to EMN, gaming, music, or TV/film. This can be pieces about myself, my life, philosophical junk, my love of tech, or just cool little trips I’ve taken and curiosities I’ve picked up.

There’s no set length on any of these pieces, nor is there any standard format. Who knows what could end up here? Whatever happens, I hope this section is fun for you as well as me and helps us get to know each other a little bit better.

-Erin & Mandy

Latest Article:

  • Did Brodie Lee Play Katawa Shoujo?
    In college, I stumbled across a story of a wrestler in an unexpected place. It became a running gag between me and Mandy, and yet as the years went by it also meant so much more.