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This is a catch-all space for where we’ll post articles about all kinds of things that interest us and have to do with media. I love curiosities, rambling about shows and film, music, and gaming, and I hope to have a good time coming up with things to talk about.

I hope to use this space to write about fun anecdotes, childhood memories, interesting VHS tapes and DVDs I have in my collection, musings on movies, essays about music and games, and even breakdowns of the music I’ve made myself. It’s a bit of a creativity catch-all, and we’re both excited to share all kinds of things with the world.

I hope you have fun here!

-Erin & Mandy

Latest Article:

  • Ultimate Dangan Ronpa 3 Information Released!
    In 2013, DanganMania was running wild. orenronen’s fan translation of the first game as well as his ongoing translation of the second lead to an influx of SomethingAwful registrations, and the games were on the cusp of going from unknowns to being fully-localized. Mutual Killing Game Fever was all over Tumblr and I decided to cash in with a joke that only ever made me and two other friends laugh.