A WordPress Experiment

This could go very well, or very poorly.

By: Erin

Posted: May 27th, 2024

Well. This is a day I never thought would come! And, frankly, I’m not sure it will. I’m sitting here on Memorial Day and typing up a news post after converting the EMN website to use WordPress. WordPress! My mortal enemy! I had some poor experiences with it in the past, but after using it for the main EMN website I thought, well, I might as well try if just to sate my own curiosity. I’ve enjoyed using Eleventy as a Static Site Generator very much, but I admit that if I’m able to really nail down WordPress to a degree I’m happy with, the ability for Mandy and I to easily throw an article online without having to faff about with FTP is genuinely quite tempting. We’ll see! Currently, my big struggle is trying to get that top menu to work properly. I think I’m almost there.

Will you see me here in the future? Great question. We just don’t know. Ciao for now, and if I pop up again later, well, there’s your answer!