There’s a new category in town.

It's called "blather", and baby, I'm blathering.

By: Erin

Posted: December 15, 2023

Hey all. Erin here. So, part of the reason I wanted to make the news section a fancy little “blog” was not just to make the updates all cool, but also to have a place to toss up rambles and little thoughts that might not be “article-worthy”. What constitutes that? Well, that’s for me to decide and you to find out, I suppose.

Why don’t we start with something cool I’ve been really into lately? As you all should know by now, I love independent radio, and recently I’ve gotten super into WFMU, a freeform radio station out of New Jersey. Every hour or few hours, new DJs come in and play what they want, doing the show they want. I’ve heard weird orchestral music, reggae, international Christmas music…but my favorite show has been Wake & Bake, the morning show! Hosted by a guy called Clay Pigeon, it’s a show that is equal parts weird and chill, with Clay being an enthusiastic hippie type who plays nothing but punk rock and, like, British 60s stuff. I’m especially fond of when he does music trivia or plays a random one-hit-wonder. It’s educational and fun, and makes the drive to work really entertaining. It’s almost otherworldly, both nostalgic and unlike anything I’ve listened to. I love it!

WFMU’s logo!

It turns out a friend of mine who used to live in New Jersey also knows about WFMU because his partner is a regular donator to it. Small world! I might have to donate to it myself some day. I love community radio, but this particular brand of community radio is especially up my alley. I want to see it thrive!

Anyway, enough blather for now. Ciao!