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Welcome to the official website of Armbar Studios! We are Erin & Mandy, a creative duo of panelists, writers, and podcasters. We are focused on providing thought-provoking, varied, and entertaining art through live events, audio, writing, and more!

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Role Credits

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Role Credits is a show about making connections – both in film and in life. We choose a subject – actor, crew member, grand concept – and follow a selection of films involving said subject. Along the way we hope to entertain and shine a light on the historical context behind the films they cover and what it means to the subject of each “arc”, as well as review the movies as they come.

Latest Episodes:

  • The story of Chris Farley continues. After the disappointing Black Sheep, his at-the-time-reviled kung fu kid's movie is next on the docket. We talk about the 90s' love of ninjas & our love of Robin Shou. Is this really Christian Bale's favorite film?
  • Continuing the story of Chris Farley, we move from Tommy Boy to Penelope Spheeris's Black Sheep. We dive into its troubled production and dissect how Farley was used in this film. Can this comedy, which was written in a week, win our vote?

Convention Panels

In 2018, Armbar Studios made appearances at Matsuricon, presenting three different panels – Jack In! Mega Man Battle Network! Execute!, Everything Explodes!: Intro to Tokusatsu, and our flagship panel, The Matsuricon Nerd SmackDown! The first two were informative media-education-focused panels, with our flagship panel being a pre-recorded-and-edited machinima presentation of a wrestling show created in WWE 2K18, complete with our live commentary. Prizes were raffled off at the end of the show.

In 2019, we were invited back to Matsuricon, where we presented The Matsuricon Nerd SmackDown! 2!, a bigger and better version of our wrestling show. Highlights of it, as well as a full recording of the panel itself, can be viewed below:

Affiliated Projects

Cinema Gratuita

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Created in 2022 and hosted by Lazer, with Erin & Mandy as co-hosts, Cinema Gratuita is a podcast exploring movies that can be found on free streaming services. Together we discuss and rate the movies as well as the experience of using the service itself. Is it worth spending your hard-earned $0 on, as well as your most precious commodity, time? That’s what we’re here to figure out.

Latest episode:

The Ebony Ditch

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From our partners over at Third Tower Productions comes The Ebony Ditch, a podcast dedicated to “low theory”, accessibly discussing and breaking down queer theory and disability theory through the lens of pop culture. Being the opposite of the ivory tower, The Ebony Ditch aims to do away with pompous language and any semblance of professionalism to make academia – and drunken theorizing – fun for all. Erin is editor/producer.

Latest episode:

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