Erin & Mandy!

Our other sites, social media, etc.

Armbar Studios – My and Mandy’s “professional” website where we post all of our “serious” projects, such as our convention appearances, podcasts, and more.

Signal Panic Inc. on Bandcamp – I like making strange and experimental electronica. You can buy my albums here for however much you want to pay. If you prefer to listen on YouTube, that’s okay too.

MothraMagnifica on The Internet Archive – If I want to archive something, it goes here. I put a lot of stuff I use for my articles here, so keep an eye out for any VHS rips that end up here. Also a good place to find some independent albums that shaped me musically and personally, as well as some knickknacks from around the web.

Insanity’s Requiem – My Tumblr which has been going since around 2010. Horrifically disorganized mess of fandoms and things I find interesting. I never remember to update the various tags pages but you can always count on #robits, #p3p, and #kaede. I also have a sideblog where I reblog stuff that’s about old web and tech and such here.

Mine Is The True, Real Magic – Mandy’s Tumblr and one of the few forms of social media they consistently use. You’re guaranteed to find some great art, extremely funny reblogs, and overall interesting stuff here, especially if you’re into fighting games, tokusatsu, and movies.

Cobra T. Washington on YouTube – This is where I upload all sorts of tiny jokes, niche nonsense, clips of EMN in action, and mostly CAW videos.

Erin & Mandy on Letterboxd – Unsurprisingly, we watch a lot of movies and enjoy talking about them! I decided to focus solely on horror movies, since I started my account during the first run of EMN Horror and wanted a place to log them all since it was a new and fascinating genre to me, and it’s been fun to keep the theme up. Mandy logs anything and everything and is much more lax, but it’s always fun when they do a deep dive into a movie they have a lot to say on. Eventually I hope to have every horror movie I’ve ever seen given at least a small review so it can be used as a solid resource.

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